Tuesday, October 20, 2009

"In The Making"--
Seems everything is always in the making...and here's new photos of my piece by that name.
Since the last blog, I have been to Paris!! Woo Hoo! Is my little brain packed or what? Too many ideas and too little time. The piece above has many little parts and I adhered them all down onto a board of porcelain graph paper. Otherwise it'd come back from this exhibition tour in many more pieces that it should have (it and "Rochambeau" below are off for the by/for exhibition tour beginning at Regent College in Vancouver.) It was fun playing with different arrangements of these parts and here is the final result--all sorts of implements for measuring, dividing, and connecting. When painting "God the Geometer" up at U of BC, I discovered that the Jesus figure is gently holding and steadying the chaos as he measures it up, and that the earth also has a halo.
Anyhow, all the work in the previous post came out of the kiln OK! More or less...the Big Chief tablet broke in two in the final Cone 019 firing. Bummer, as that is an unusual occurance. So, well, I got out the glue. Here it is, "Rochambeau" (Rock/Paper/Scissors). Not bad, with Courbet, Matisse and Rubens meeting Big Chief, no wonder there's some tension. There usually is when making big decisions...maybe "The Decider" needs this one.

Thanks to my friend Rusty Jackson for the photos. And to John Cobb for building the coolest crates--which double as display cases--for the by/for exhibit. They are works of art in themselves, see:

And also, at last we have some good photos of "Launch of the Lark". Its owner, Larkin has given permission for it to be in a show at Laity Lodge, which I will install this weekend. It'll be a walk-in show for the October Arts retreat, which is really fun. Here's the boots, with Olympic runners on their toes.

More later, as Rusty sends more photos, and as I get my messy batch of photos from Paris sorted out.

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