Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Presence is Fire, finally finished

Rusty Jackson photographed the firewood with all the pieces, and viewing the proofs made me decide to alter the piece. The mourners in bisque white were too stark, and the whole set up was too crowded. It was simple to tint the two cantors, which actually made them look closer to the original polychromed alabaster; then I did a bit of overglaze gold on the books and brooches (see my shot above, Rusty's earlier shot below).

(yes, we will reshoot the finished piece; amazing what a good photographer can do!)

Note that the distance between the andirons is wider in the top photo. I had to make some longer logs to "stretch" it out. The newer logs are on the bottom of the stack and the original ones are supported by them. Below it all is a pile of embers and ashes (all in tinted porcelain).

We just returned from NYC where I injested too much art...not complaining! At MOMA, I did get a close up look at the little Dali, copied on top of the cuckoo clock. Yes, those ARE ants crawling on the clock case, lower left.

Now, to find an empty fireplace that needs this!