Sunday, August 30, 2009

Vancouver artist-in-residency

Thanks to Erik Newby for these photos!

Above: Ginger, Shannon, Roger, Nancy, Kathy, Matt

Just back from 2 weeks in gorgeous COOL Vancouver...I was one of 6 artists working together in a big airy studio at the Univ. of British Columbia, invited by "by/for", an organization that encourages the church to be a patron of the arts. We were all quite productive, became close friends, and thoroughly enjoyed the BC area. The photos are by Erik and Shannon Newby of Vancouver (Shannon is one of the six-pack), and her daily blog gives a good record of our experience. Here 'tis-- Our theme was "In the Making", and an exhibition will result.

The bisque pieces I carried on board all made it OK, except for one that broke on the way up. It was tricky packing porcelain, paints and tools. At least the airline didn't frisk me this time! I did underglazing on several small pieces, which will end up in a big tableau for the MAC show, hopefully. Here's some in-process shots:

Basically, it is a bunch of art supplies. So far there is a box of typing paper with Van Gogh's bedroom on it ,a coffee can with Klimt's Kiss, a pencil case with God the Geometer...and assorted small items such as tape, pencils, wood tools, brushes, stapler, sponge.

Now back at home in my tiny studio, the painting continues. Also need to make a Big Chief Tablet; am eager to paint "Matisse's Scissors" What you see here is the underpainting, which looks pale and matte at this point. Lotsa gold and silver yet to come...along with shrinking, warping and cracks...

Other objects I envision for this include a big paint box and palette, a cardboard box of clay, turntable and rolling pin. This'll be about 7 individual pieces once done, but when assembled together, I think I'll call the whole mess "What Art Supplies." Chlora will have fun with this...scattering these art and writing supplies all through the twelve stories that make up "Chlora Gets Real." Getting her painting, sculpture and writing all together could be the culmination of the story. hmmmm....we'll see!